Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hello & welcome

Well we are a fair way through the 2012 season and in 1 week I will be back out and racing after the failure of my engine at the Gurston event at the end of August 2011.  

A reminder of why it failed, dropped a valve head

Things have also moved from the old website over to this blogger;

  1.  it's free for starters
  2.  it's a lot easier to use and navigate than the web creator interface

So the car has had a lot of work over the winter though I'm not going to reveal to may details, suffice to say she is a lot quicker.
All liveried up as well 

So next  week on the 8th we are back at 3 Sisters near Wigan for a two lapper and there are 14 cars in the class, so plenty of cars to get a measure against, including the ever quick Tont Hart in the Renault 5 GT Turbo.

As a reminder of what's to come next week here's a vid from last years 3 Sisters

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