Monday, 8 July 2013

1st - 7th July - recovery week, well sort of.

Up until the Darwen tri I had done 22 days of training straight.  Now I know that's not the way you normally do things, but to be fair some of those days included light active recovery sessions of high cadence on the turbo or a short swim, so it may sound a lot but the mind and body were both willing.

The descending in the tri had taken it's toll though and I did have a recovery day on Monday, but come Tuesday it was back to it with some shourt sessions to get moving. 

As the legs came back to me I was running on Wednesday and it was none stop then until through to the weekend.  Saturday I went back to Pennington Flash for an open water session, this was thoroughly enjoyable the same as before.  It was all the more pleasant as it was followed by an all you can eat breakfast at the Toby Carvey in Lowton.

Sunday I rode with some of the Warrington tri club, it was a hot day and the pace at times a little enthusiastic but managed to stay the course for a 36 mile ride.  I followed this with a 20 minute run straight off the bike.  It was very hot but completed it.  The rest of the day though I was wasted.

Totals for the week
10 hours training
4 hours swimming - 10500m
4h30 cycling - 108km
1h30 running - 15km

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