Friday, 18 October 2013

Results this year

I thought it may be worth detailing the results from the races I have done this year so they are all in one list.  I can certainly say that I have enjoyed my return to the sport and planning for next year is well under way, with several events already entered and the training plan coming together nicely, so keep checking back for details on this later in the year.

Event Distance Month Time
1485 Duathlon  Sprint  April   1:46:06
Wilmslow Tri  Sprint  May   1:38:21
Darwen sprint  Sprint  Jun   2:02:08
Buxton Tri  Sprint  Jul   1:38:52
Peoples Tri  Sprint (o/w)  Aug   1:21:48
North West Tri  Sprint  Sep   1:16:55
Brownlee Tri  Super Sprint  Sep   0:46:04
Outlon Park Duathlon Sprint  Oct 01:23:47

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