Monday, 19 August 2013

August 12th to 18th - a tiring & productive week

Bouyed by the result at the Peoples Tri on the Sunday I felt I could easily of trained on Monday, but forced myself to take a recovery day.

Tuesday started with a swim session and some good times on the 400m reps.  In the evening it was over to Preston on the Hill for the Warrington Tri clubs informal 10 mile time trial.  I took the race bike and didn't leave anything in the tank pushing hard the whole way.  Final time was 28:55 which was a significant improvement over my first effort was over 32m.

Wednesday was a LSD run, nothing exciting but important to keep the distance and aerobic base up.  Thursday was back to the pool for hard intervals, concentrating on short 50m efforts (32 of them).  Spinervals in the evening with a basic threshold set

Friday I was still training but kept the effort low with drills in the morning at the pool and a recovery and technique session on the turbo in the evening.

Saturday I went out and did my first Park Run since March.  I was trying to aim for sub 25:00 having come close in some of the 5k runs I had done earlier in the year.  I was pretty damm close  25:03

More intervals in the pool with Warrington tri club in the evening.  Sunday was a steady ride early doors and straight off the run I put in a 20 minute brick run.  That was tough as legs still had the previous days Park Run in them, but pretty pleased with completing the run.

It was a solid week of training, nothing fancy but gets the job done.

Totals for the week:
Hours - 10:55
Swim - 5h05 - 12,000m
Bike - 4h17 - 114km
Run - 1h33 - 17k

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