Sunday, 22 December 2013

16th - 22nd December - erm which way was I supposed to go??

Monday started early with a swim session, the aim was 200's using my T1000 pace plus 5 secs, which equates to 1:59/100 avg.  For whatever reason I can't explain I really struggled with getting the timings right and finished the session a bit frustrated.  In the evening it was over to the track for 3x600, 4x200, 4x100.  I went out a little to quick for the 600's but the 200's were spot on and all within 1 second as were the 100's so getting better at pacing slowly but surely.  Coach Andy did note that I was starting to heel strike a bit, but he put this down to fatigue from the SnC and long sessions at the weekend.
Tuesday was a well earned rest day and I was certainly grateful for it.
Wednesday morning was a chance to hit the turbo for some interval work.  I'd normally say that turbo mornings aren't my cup of tea but it was actually really good and I watched coverage from the Sandman and Snowman tris for some additional motivation.
In the evening it was over to Runcorn for the coached swim session.  I was there a little early so was changed and stood at the poolside when all of a sudden the building was plunged into darkness......power cut.
This was followed by 20 minutes of standing around wrapped in a blanket in the foyer whilst we waited for the power to come back on and for the building to be checked.  I was expecting the session to be cancelled, but decided to make the most of the time left and knocked out what I felt was actually a really good set. The main part was 8x100's on 10s rest, but considering how I swam on Monday this was on a different level, times were quick and solidly consistent throughout despite the pace.
I was working in Bradford on Thursday so was only able to train in the evening and it was the last circuits session of the year.  Carl had some interesting sets for us, splitting the group into two and pitting us head to head.  The final part was a "Total Wipeout" style game where we had to jump a large knotted rope until there was one person left standing.  Great end to the year for the circuits and I'm looking forward to re-starting in Jan.
Friday morning back in the pool, and I don't know what was in my coffee, but it was a bloody great session, I was exceeding the required times on the ladder down set, but at the same effort level I had swum the week before.  I've no idea what's changed but something has clicked that's for certain.
Saturday I needed to do a steady Lvl 1-2 run, so decided to head down to my new favourite place Delamere Forest.  The instruction was to stay off the main paths, so I did just that and took just about every side path I could find and it was awesome muddy fun.  Well it was until about 15 minutes before the end as I had found myself back near the car so decided to go further down and do a loop around, only something went a bit awry with my sense of direction and ended up adding another 35 minutes onto the run due to some dubious route choices.  Despite that it was a great run in a lovely setting.
Sunday's bike was the final session of the week, I rode with Warrington Tri club as they were ending the year with a nice easy social ride.  Conditions weren't to bad, it was a bit windy and chilly, but dry so a nice way to end the week with a 3 hour ride.
I'm 3 weeks into being coached now and have to say that the difference is noticable in the quality of the sessions being done.  The week to come is an easier recovery week, which nicely coincides with Christmas week.
Totals for the week: 10h16
Swim 7250m - 2h25
Bike 92km - 3h57
Run 23km -  2h56

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