Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Nov 4th to Dec 1st - A nice consistent block of training

Nov 4th - 10th
The Hellrunner was still in the legs come Monday evening, but there was no letting up as we were finished with the drills based weeks and it was time to start the intervals on the track.  As a base from which you measure progress the main part of the session was a 2.4k time trial.  The instruction from Andy the coach was simple "don't leave anything out there, I don't want to see anyone sprinting in the last 100, you give it everything".  It was without a doubt 6 extremely hard laps at an effort level I'm not looking forward to repeating to often.  My time for the 2.4k was 11:51.  The coughing fit as a result of the cold evening and the effort level lasted for a couple of days.  Tuesday was a return to the turbo trainer for an hours session http://tpks.ws/ceBn
I was in London on Wednesday and had a meal booked in the evening, so after 31 days of training I finally took a well deserved recovery day.
Thursday was a return to circuits with Carl, another strength and sweatfest usually involving far many burpees.
Finally got back in to the pool on Friday morning;  it definitely makes a difference if you take a break of a few days from swimming as you can tell the lack of feel for the water.  In the evening it was another hour on the turbo.  Saturday I went down to Delamere Forest and met with coach Andy, Ray Tighe and Caroline for an early run.  A nice mix of easy trails, hill reps and single track muddy fun.  A nice way to start the day for certain.  In the evening it was the Warrington Tri swim session.  Sunday morning I hit the pool again for a drill session, and then went straight up to the gym to knock out a 5k on the treadmill.  I've said it before that I'm not a mad fan of the treadmill, but once in a while it's a novelty.  To finish the day of it was 90 mins on the turbo trainer http://tpks.ws/EtzG
Totals for the week - 9h26
Swim - 8757m - 2h36
Bike - 82km - 3h30
Run - 19.8km - 2h21

Nov 11th - 17th
Back to the track on Monday evening, this time was an 800m time trial, this would set the basis for all the work to follow.  Time was a 3:20, once established we then ran 2x400, 2x200 and 2x100.  It was definitely a tough session.
On Tuesday I travelled down to Leicestershire to visit and old friend from my triathlon past who now runs a great bike fitting company. http://www.speedhub.co.uk/ the day was spent chatting about old and new times whilst sat astride the Retul bike trying to work out my fit for the bike.  One thing that we did discover and a reason for my numb feet was that I have a shorter left leg but also wide hips. With a variety of recommendations in hand I have a few changes I now need to make to my bike (£££££).  I may also need to look for another tri frame as the road frame is going to get nowhere near close enough to simulate the position for training on.  Wednesday was a chance to run in my favourite place, Hartshill Hayes.  I just love running there, so many paths, terrain and routes to choose from.  Even Jasper ran with me without causing me any problems.  In the afternoon I set my turbo up in the parents garage for a 60min sweatfest.  When I finished it was cold enough that I was actually steaming.
Back up t'north on Thursday and it was circuits in the evening.  The weeks swimming was all knocked out over the next three days starting on Friday with a paddles session, club swim Saturday and then long sets on Sunday.  There was also a couple of turbo sessions and a 10k run to round off the week.
Totals for the week - 10h52
Swim 8750m  -3h50
Bike 86km - 3h30
Run 23k - 2h41

Nov 18th - 24th
Monday night is track night, and using the previous weeks base 800m time, 4x400, 4x200, 4x100.  First lesson learnt was I have no idea about pacing.  The second was how hard running on the track is.
The rest of the week was a mix of swim, bike and run, the only session worth noting was a nice trail run on Saturday at Delamere Forest with Ray and Andy.  Included a run up a hill and some great trails.
Totals for the week - 11h44
Swim  11910m - 4h55
Bike 82km - 3h30
Run 20.8km - 2h29

Nov 25th - Dec 1st
Track on Monday night and a repeat of the previous weeks session.  It was a cold evening though and it was actually quite slippery with a thin layer of ice on the top end of the track.  A tough workout as always, but feeling the benefit.
A good solid swim on Tuesday, followed by a short run on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday evening I did the trainerroad FTP test to see what improvements the 6 week sweetspot program had brought.  At the start I had tested at 214 watts, but I had left it set at 219 watts from the previous test as felt lowering it was a step back.  The new test gave me 221 watts so a 7 watt improvement over the last test and a good result.
I was in Bradford on Thursday so couldn't train in the morning but was able to get to circuits in the evening for another good session.  Swim Friday morning was a drills session and in the evening was supposed to be turbo session.  I managed 2 minutes before deciding that I couldn't be arsed.  This carried over into Saturday and I actually ended up taking an unscheduled rest day which involved not a lot except eating.  I did manage to do a 2 hour session on the turbo on Sunday at a nice easy pace, so the week actually ended more of a recovery week than anything.
Totals for the week- 8h07
Swim 6600m - 2h35
Bike 69km - 3h
Run 12.8k - 1h35

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