Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's been 43 weeks since I began my journey back to fitness, looking back day one was a bike to and from work.  Things have progressed nicely since then, swimming is coming along nicely and I am enjoying myself.

So what has this weeks training brought;

Friday I did one of the master sets that Sarah Mclarty from the US puts up on her blog.  These are worth a look if you want to spice up the swimming a little.  It was a moster session as I covered 4100m which I the longest single swim set I have ever done.

Saturday was the second of the North Cheshire Grand Prix 5k series races, and first time ever I have been able to walk from my house to a race start as it was within the village of Hollins Green.  As a warm up for the event I did a 32 min Spinervals session and it paid dividends in the run as my legs felt fresh and ready to run quick from the off.  

Final result was a new pb of 25:49 so 2 mins quicker that last weeks event at Dunam Massey.

I also went out for ride on Sunday, but had to cut is shorter than intended due to bloody traffic near Tattonm Park yet again blocking my route to Knutsford.  That's twice now this has happened and forced me to go down the A556 which is a fast A road and not my ideal route to be riding.

Totals for the week:

4 swims, 4 bikes and two runs, a total training time of 10h 22m.and 110km covered.

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